Business Continuity


In the past several years businesses have experienced varying degrees of business disruption. The disruptions have lasted from a few minutes to more than one week. SVB Leerink LLC has and will continue to take steps to continue to operate its business in the event of a disruption impacting any or all of its offices. As a valued customer, you should be aware of the steps SVB Leerink has taken to be able to continue operating in the event of some form of disruption. The elements of the SVB Leerink Business Continuity Plan (“Plan”) address:

  • Data back-up and recovery (hard copy and electronic)
  • All mission critical systems
  • Financial and operational assessments
  • Alternate communications between SVB Leerink and our customers
  • Alternate communications between SVB Leerink and our employees
  • Alternate physical location of employees
  • Critical business constituent, bank, and counter-party impact
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Communications with regulators
  • How SVB Leerink assures customers’ prompt access to their funds and securities in the event that SVB Leerink determines that it is unable to continue its business.

The Plan anticipates the resumption of trading no later than the next business day following a wide-scale business disruption. SVB Leerink intends to continue its business during a disruption. The Plan reflects the firm’s intention to respond to events of varying scope. We all know too well that there may be occasions when one location is not able to be operational quickly because of external causes. All efforts will be undertaken to be operational as quickly as possible. With offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Charlotte, in the event of a disruption to a single building, a disruption to a business district, a city-wide disruption and a regional disruption, the Plan contemplates the transfer or re-routing of business operations, as necessary, from Boston to New York or Boston to San Francisco or New York to Boston. Various redundancies have been created to permit this transfer. Personnel would be re-located to permit the Firm to continue its business.

Like most firms, SVB Leerink relies on third-parties to provide a number of services. These services among others, include: trading systems, accounting systems, telephone and e-mail. Those firms have provided information about their own business continuity plans and have also identified emergency contact personnel.

Customers may contact SVB Leerink offices in the following ways:

One Federal Street – 37th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Tel. 617-918-4000
Fax. 617-918-4900

1301 Avenue of the Americas – 12th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Tel. 212-277-6000
Fax. 212-277-6168

255 California Street – 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel. 415-905-7200

227 West Trade Street – Suite 2050
Charlotte, NC 28202
Tel. 704-969-8944

Key personnel have been equipped with various communications devices such as mobile telephones and laptop computers to facilitate communication during a disruption. In addition, access to the Firm’s systems is available to key personnel from alternate sites, such as residences, satellite offices and a mobile recovery site (TBD based on the event).

While all steps have been taken to permit the Firm to continue its business after a disruption, we must assure our valued customers that they will have prompt access to funds and securities if it is determined that SVB Leerink is unable to continue its business. Because SVB Leerink does not hold customer funds or securities, customers will be able to obtain their funds and/or securities by contacting Pershing LLC at 201-413-3635 or by facsimile at 201-413-5368. In the event that a customer is sending payment for a transaction or a stock certificate to SVB Leerink when the Firm is unable to continue its business, the payment should be sent to Pershing at One Pershing Plaza, P.O. Box 2065, Jersey City, NJ 07303. In all situations described in this paragraph, it is imperative that all communications directly with Pershing include the customer’s SVB Leerink account number.

Customers should be aware that the Plan will be subject to on-going review and may be modified as the need arises. A copy of this document may be obtained by request as follows:

By mail: Chief Compliance Officer
SVB Leerink LLC
One Federal Street, 37th Floor
Boston, MA 02110