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Strategic Resources

Through our unique resources, personnel and focus on the healthcare industry, we are able to bring knowledge and insights that enhance our corporate and investor clients' success.

MEDACorp is a strategic knowledge resource leveraged within all of SVB Leerink’s client services to enhance our differentiated offerings.  Through MEDACorp, a global network, we have access to world-class healthcare professionals to help our Investment Banking team assess M&A transactions and expertly position capital markets deals. MEDACorp also supports our Equity Research team by providing access to valuable and unique market insight.  Additionally, institutional clients and venture investors leverage MEDACorp surveys to assess the impact of new product launches, market size and opportunity, and key factors around product adoption.

MEDACorp Compliance Standards

MEDACorp’s rigorous compliance procedures are shaped by securities laws and regulations, and industry best practices. They are supported by our experienced internal compliance team and proprietary systems.

MEDACorp’s Terms and Conditions

Disclosure Questionnaire


  • To assist MEDACorp clients and consultants in the need to protect confidential information, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions  concerning potential situations arising out of clinical trials.
  • MEDACorp uses a proprietary system that tracks and manages all MEDACorp interactions to ensure compliance standards are met.
  • The Firm’s Compliance Department conducts both periodic and annual compliance meetings with the MEDACorp staff and regularly circulates information relevant to their activities.